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Since 2015, Hair by Geri Martini opened its doors as a modern-day barber shop. We are still a barber shop, but over 20 years later, we are so much more. Housing the best hair stylist in Las Vegas, our professional service establishes us as credible, reliable, and very capable hairdressers. Our clients are diverse. There are actors, singers, casino moguls, politicians, and many, many newlyweds.

Hair by Geri Martini employs the best hairdressers in Nevada. Whatever your style or preference, you can be sure we will perfect it. We study your features, your hair type, your skin tone, your facial shape, and we find the best hairstyle for you. We can be dramatic, wild and free, tame and sweet. Most important, you can be whatever, whoever, you want, and we are only happy to facilitate that.

Our natural hair stylist can improve your look. We can give you a new look altogether. We can design a look unique to only you. Whichever, you will look your best, no matter the situation. We regularly do functions, performances, and other occasions, such as special weddings. You can be conservative, impulsive, or we can get very creative too. Whatever you want, we say, which is our only priority.

For a professional hair stylist, look no further than Hair by Geri Martini. We do it all. We study hair. We cut, we blow, we color, we streak, we style, we straighten, we curl, we shave; you name it. In this way, we use our skills to boost your confidence, even reinvent yourself anew. Our hair stylists have experience. They are knowledgeable and understand how to highlight your very best features.Since 2015

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